Welcome to First Church

frontofchurchWe’re glad you’ve found us.

We hope you will discover that we aren’t your typical church. We do things a little differently.

Take some time to get to know us as you explore the pages of our website.

We hope you will begin to discover that it’s not about how you dress or act that matters to us. It’s about getting to know God. If that is your interest, then come join us.

Relax and enjoy your time with us. Sing some songs or just listen to the music.

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While you are with us, you will quickly discover that things are different here, but the message is always the same:

“Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God”

– John Wesley

Current Series – The Light Has Come

Big Idea of the Series: This Christmas sermon series teaches the importance of the season of Advent, in which we prepare to receive from God. Preparation takes practice, readiness, waiting, and allowing God to go beyond our expectations to fulfill his will in our lives.