Field of Dreams

July 2, 2015


Now the Book of Proverbs have some very good lessons for life and you need to read them when you get a chance, but this one sentence I read in chapter 3, this morning, really brought to mind an experience we had on our recent family vacation to Minnesota….

“Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;”

On our way back from Minnesota we came home via “The Field of Dreams” in Iowa. If anyone knows my husband at all you know that he is an avid baseball fan. He has so instilled this love in Riley that he had asked to go see the Twins play ball as his graduation present. Hence the trip to Minnesota.

Anyway, the saying goes in the movie, “If you build it they will come”, so we did. I was kind of looking forward to it as much as Rodney. My girl friend in Minnesota asked me to give Kevin Costner a hug for her, if I saw him, so I was on a mission. The farm stead was exactly the way I remembered it from the movie. Except the corn wasn’t quite as high yet. The grass was as green, the diamond was perfect and even the bleachers were exactly the same. I don’t think the farm house and barn have changed at all either.

I knew it would be a fun place to visit but I didn’t expect the feelings that this visit evoked.

There was a stillness around this property. Almost an eeriness. It wouldn’t have surprised me if we would have seen the players come walking out of the corn and start a game. I know, I know, I am being kind of silly but ask Rodney, he will tell you it’s true. Everyone that was visiting at the same time we were was being as quiet and as awe struck as us. The field was as peaceful a place as we have ever been to.

While in the Twin Cities, we went and visited the St. Paul Cathedral. This is a very big, beautiful and ornate Catholic church. Everyone in the building was quite, respectful and even reverent. This was a very peaceful place to visit too.

I caught myself praying in the church, but I also caught myself praying in the corn. I was in awe of all the spectacular statues, stained glass and amazing construction of the cathedral, but I was in awe of the rolling hills, the corn filled fields and the clouds and big sky above the farm. The huge cathedral had us staring but so did the farm house.

We sat in the pews of the church and spent some quiet family time but we also sat on the bleachers and did exactly the same thing.

We walked around and marveled at the statues of the saints but we also walked around and marveled at all of God’s creativity in nature.

Again this line comes to mind… Listen for GOD’s voice in everything you do, and in everywhere you go”

God is such a masterful creator. He is bigger than life. He can instill in us the means to be a wonderful cathedral creator or an important corn farmer. In every situation we can hear and see His plan for us if we just look and listen. There is peace to be found in this world of confusion. So much happens that we just do not understand. But He holds all of our lives in the palm of his hand, and He comes to us in the quietness of a church pew or a ball diamond bleacher.

We can hear Him as we listen to church hymns or the wind through the trees. We can feel His presence as we kneel to pray in a church building or in the big expanse of a green field.

We did have some marvelous times with our friends and all the activities we did, but the most important thing we brought home from this, much needed, vacation, was the fresh reminder that God’s peace can be found in every detail of our lives! We just have to listen!!