I want to see Jesus!

January 8, 2016


Open the eyes of my heart … I want to see Jesus!

I have to admit that there are times my faith needs Jesus to be more tangible.

I have faith, but I want my eyes to see Jesus and not just my heart and mind.

Perhaps that is why people are able to “see” Jesus in moldy showers, burnt toast, and or cheetos.

They simply need some fathomable presence of Christ in their lives.  They want to see Jesus!

Ever wonder why God just doesn’t part the clouds on Super Bowl Sunday and appear?

Wouldn’t that be cool! Would that end the debate? I doubt it.

Truth is we are promised that one day we will see Jesus face to face and until that day comes we are challenged by the fact that the presence of Christ comes to us in the face … the hands … the feet … of those around us.  And that is challenging on most days. Leaving us wanting to see Jesus.

So until that day we are promised we will see Jesus face to face …

live your faith in such a way that others might see Jesus in you.